What is a "SAM": It is a prepared sketch by the Licensed Manitoba Land Surveyor showing the "proposed lot lines" and key features on and off the property. It will include, but not limited to such things as:

  • proposed lot lines (lots) with dimensions & areas; and how they relate to those features listed below.
  • structures__ buildings, sheds, silos (farm)
  • existing above ground utilities on & off the property (i.e. hydro poles/ BellMTS pedestals along roads, etc.). This is primarily for Easement (interest) concerns of Utility companies; however not limited to.
  • tree/ bush lines, crop lines, major existing fence lines.
  • driveways, approaches, farm access.
  • water bodies, lagoons.
  • any/ all features relevant to the process.
  • legal survey monuments integrated (minimum of two).
  • all affected plans as registered/ filed at Land Titles Office.
  • Status of Title and list of any encumbrances.
  • wells, septic fields, ejectors; see this gov't link for more info with respect to ejectors__ Go to link for more info.

Note: If you have an ejector, there are strict rules as to compliance through the process of subdivision, see the link above or please do not hesitate to contact this office to discuss.

WHO IS A LICENSED MANITOBA LAND SURVEYOR ? : He or she is the person charged with the responsibility of advising on or determining the location of all corners or boundaries of property within the Province of Manitoba, Canada Lands excepted. His or her authority is granted under the Land Surveyors Act, C.C.S.M. c. L60. The land surveyor is a professional with a specialized knowledge of the legal aspects of real property, land use, and planning. He or she has been trained in the mathematical and related sciences appurtenant to his or her field and is required to meet high standards of qualifications before being authorized to practice. Land surveyors perform work with patience, sound judgement and logical thinking.

When Should You Contact a Manitoba Land Surveyor?

"Only a Licensed Manitoba Land Surveyor has the legal authority" and expertise to properly define the legal boundaries of a parcel of land either on the ground or on paper.

 Click here for "Subdivison Application" that accompanies the SAM.

Example "SAM" sketch: