Drone Surveys: Utilizing High Definition Aerial Imaging in Manitoba

With Gatewing’s revolutionary X100 lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Lankhout Land Surveying & Geomatics M.L.S. Inc. has a solution for rapid terrain mapping in Manitoba. Drone technology has revolutionized the surveying and mapping industry with its convenient aerial mapping and automated image processing.

Uses for Drones in Surveying

UAVs are adaptable and easy to use, and they give us ability to create orthophotos and digital surface models (DSM) from aerial imagery for mid-sized areas previously only accessible at higher costs and with longer planning cycles. UAVs are used in a variety of applications including:

  • Stockpile quantity (volumetrics)
  • High-level topographic surveys
  • Open pit mine sites (topographic site surveys)
  • Contour interval maps
  • Corridor and right-of-way surveys for redevelopment
  • Rough terrain topography (safety issues eliminated)
  • Landfill inspection
  • High resolution orthomosaics
  • Legal framework ortho-rectification
  • And much more

Simply put, drones make it quicker and easier to survey areas of land that were previously difficult to access. This makes our work more efficient and cost-effective than ever, and we can offer clients data, 3D point cloud information, high resolution orthomosaics, point cloud video for logistics and more.