Manitoba Land Surveying FAQ: Building Location Certificates, Drones & More

At Lankhout Land Surveying & Geomatics M.L.S. Inc., we’re experienced in a wide range of surveying services, and our seasoned staff has worked locally throughout Manitoba. When we perform a job, we make a special effort to educate our clients about the work we’re doing and ensure that the work is done on time and on budget. To learn more about land surveying, read the FAQ on this page.

What is a licensed Manitoba Land Surveyor ?

A land surveyor is an individual who holds a licence to practice land surveying. Learn more by reading The Land Surveyors Act 2016.

How much does your surveying service cost ?

According to the Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors (AMLS), “There are many variables and unknown factors which contribute significantly to the cost of a survey of land. Fees charged by a land surveyor often may be based on the amount of time needed to perform the service.”

What is a Building Location Certificate (BLC) ?

According to the Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors (AMLS), “A Building Location Certificate (BLC) is a legal document prepared by a Manitoba Land Surveyor which shows the exact dimensions and positions of the land and buildings on a particular property. It reports any encroachments onto or from adjoining properties. No survey monuments are placed on the limits of the property, unless specifically requested.”

How are drones used in surveying ?

Our state-of-the-art drones make it easier to survey difficult-to-access pieces of land through aerial imaging technology. Aerial mapping and automated image processing have revolutionized the surveying and mapping industry and allow us to work with increased speed and affordability.

How can I learn more about surveying ?

If you have further questions about Lankhout Land Surveying & Geomatics M.L.S. Inc., contact us today. We’ll be happy to address your questions and work with you on your surveying projects.