Property Survey, Subdivision, Quantity Volumetrics & More

At Lankhout Land Surveying & Geomatics M.L.S. Inc,, our qualified professionals have the experience and knowledge to see your project through. We’re proud to provide trusted, efficient service in a range of areas including:

  • Subdivision Application Map (SAM) prepared by a Manitoba Land Surveyor (MLS)
  • Cottage surveys "with current aerial pic" overlay on legal framework (frequenting cottage country regularly)
  • Plans of Survey for re-alignment purposes in cottage country
  • Drafting services
  • Subdivision application facilitation
  • Quarry stockpile – volumetrics, quantities
  • Subdivision - A subdivision is the division of a parcel of land described on a certificate of title. A subdivision can occur when a single land title is split into two or more parts, property boundaries are rearranged, or a lease, mortgage or other instrument is registered that has the effect of subdividing the parcel. More Info
  • Staking Certificates - According to the Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors, “A staking certificate, prepared by a Manitoba Land Surveyor, documents the placing of survey monuments on the limits of a particular parcel of land. It indicates the dimensions of the property and reports any building encroachments from or onto adjacent lands.”
  • Building Location Certificates (BLC) - According to the Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors, “A Building Location Certificate (BLC) is a legal document prepared by a Manitoba Land Surveyor which shows the exact dimensions and positions of the land and buildings on a particular property. It reports any encroachments onto or from adjoining properties. No survey monuments are placed on the limits of the property, unless specifically requested.”
  • Topographic Surveys - Topographic surveys determine the relative locations of points (places) on the earth's surface by measuring horizontal distances, differences in elevation and directions.
  • Lot Grading Plans (Infills) - We have extensive experience in providing clients with pre-approved lot grading plans for infill lots for the Winnipeg Water and Waste permit process. We work with, provide and facilitate professional engineers for extensive rural and urban grading plans.
  • Drainage Control - We facilitate engineers for data compilation and dealing with design constraints. We work with clients to solve drainage issues with minimal impact on costs.
  • Pile, Building, Construction Layout - We offer many construction services throughout Manitoba and Western Ontario, from small structures all the way up to major capital projects.
  • Site Planning - In landscape architecture, site planning refers to the organizational stage of the landscape design process. It involves the organization of land-use zoning, access, circulation, privacy, security, shelter, land drainage and other factors.
  • GPS Control - Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are routinely used to provide control for survey projects. Lankhout’s survey staff has used GPS since its introduction, gaining invaluable experience in planning, data processing and geodesy, which is essential to getting practical and reliable results.
  • Bathymetric Surveys - Bathymetric surveys, also known as hydrographic surveys, measure underwater topography. We use echo soundings to measure depth in lakes.
  • Drone Services